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C3 Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet cleaning LA service targets deep stains, dirt, and odors to make your carpet fresher, softer, and more beautiful. It also extends the life of your carpet!

Tile & Grout

You clean your tile floor but it still looks dingy and discolored. Regular mopping isn't enough to reach hidden dirt. Our steam cleaning can restore luster and beauty to your tile and grout.

Upholstery Cleaning

Dust, body oil, and dander can all become trapped in upholstery but our professional cleaning can make your furniture look and smell new again.

Pet Odor & Stains

Do you have unsightly pet stains and odors bringing you down? We use specialized spot treatments and enzyme treatments to banish pet stains and the odors that come with them.

Area & Oriental Rugs

Area rugs can last a lifetime with regular professional cleaning. We can even treat and clean delicate Oriental rugs with an off-site process that removes stains and restores the color of fringe.

Carpet Repairs

Do you have a damaged section of carpet that's burned, deeply stained, or frayed? Is your carpet wavy and loose? Our carpet repair service can address these issues and more.

Carpet Cleaning LA Near You

We understand that you have many options when choosing a carpet cleaning service in Los Angeles. That’s why we strive to be the best. We are committed to excellence in results and customer experience with a team of experienced, licensed, and bonded technicians ready to help. We take pride in a job well done and go the extra mile to make your carpets look like new again. Our professional carpet cleaning Los Angeles service can restore softness and beauty to your carpet while removing stubborn stains and pet odors that you can’t get out on your own. We serve the Greater Los Angeles area, including Long Beach, Echo Park, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Glendale, Eagle Rock, and more. 

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Why C3 Carpet Cleaning LA

Affordable Pricing

Protecting your indoor air quality and cleaning your carpets don’t need to cost a fortune. We take pride in offering a great value without sacrificing quality results. 

Prompt Arrival

We respect how valuable your time is. You can count on our technicians to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment so you aren’t left waiting for the service call. 

Great Results

We can handle all type of carpet cleaning and tile cleaning and make it look like it’s brand new.

Friendly Techs

It can be hard to let someone you don’t know into your home for carpet cleaning. Our technicians are always uniformed, friendly, and helpful.  

Convenient Scheduling

You have a busy schedule. We understand. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling and prompt arrival to work around your schedule.  

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind everything we do. If you aren’t happy with the quality of your carpet cleaning, give us a call and we will return to fix the problem.  

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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Services

As a leading carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles, we provide a range of services from carpet cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning to tile and grout cleaning and even carpet repair. Your carpets and area rugs are like everything else in your home: they need regular maintenance. Without regular cleaning, carpets can quickly become a magnet for dust, pollen, dirt, pet dander, and even tiny pests. 

Our professional and quality carpet cleaning Los Angeles service offers a number of benefits. Regular cleaning extends the life of your carpet to protect your investment. Over time, dirt and debris grind away at your carpet fibers and leave permanent stains and even a threadbare appearance. Cleaning is an effective and easy way to keep your carpet soft and beautiful and it removes unpleasant odors like smoke, pet odors, and cooking odors. Regular cleaning can also remove allergens from your carpet to improve your indoor air quality. It can even keep your carpet warranty valid because most manufacturers require professional steam cleaning every 1 to 2 years. 

Vacuuming is great and should be done often but it simply isn’t enough to remove all of the debris hiding deep in your carpet. 

What Do We Do?

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pet Odor & Stains Cleaning
  • Area & Oriental Rugs Cleaning
  • Carpet Repairs

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We are proud to serve the Greater Los Angeles area with quality and experienced carpet cleaning services. Our professional carpet cleaning Los Angeles technicians have decades of combined experience to handle everything from routine steam cleaning to more complicated cases like repairing burned carpet, removing deep-set stains, and treating pet odors. We are committed to providing the best possible customer experience with a focus on customer service, professionalism, and value. Our local full-service cleaning company is here to help you protect your carpets, beautify your home, and protect your indoor air quality. 

You can count on our licensed, trained cleaning experts to arrive promptly for your service call and show the utmost respect for you and your home. Our technicians will explain everything they do and answer any questions you may have. We employ only fully bonded, licensed, and insured technicians for your protection and use only the best equipment and products to protect your health and ensure superior results. 

As a leading local carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles, we strive to ensure every customer we serve is beyond satisfied with our service. We stand behind everything we do with a dedication to quality cleaning results. We look forward to showing you the C3 Carpet Cleaning difference! Call us today to schedule a free inspection and estimate for your home. 

Limited Time Offers

Limited Time Offer

Carpet Cleaning
  • 10% off: Take advantage of this limited-time offer. Mention this offer and get 10% off carpet cleaning service to protect or restore your beautiful, soft carpet.


Carpet Cleaning
  • Free Inspection: Call us today to schedule your free inspection of your home's carpets, area rugs, and tile. We will give you a free written estimate for cleaning.

We use hot water extraction or steam cleaning to deep clean your carpets, protect your carpet warranty, and improve your indoor air quality. The process is fairly simple. We use strong, commercial-grade equipment to propel cleaning agents and hot water into your carpet fibers at high pressure. The detergents and hot water loosen grime, soil, and ground-in dirt. Almost immediately, the high-powered vacuum extracts the hot water, detergent, and debris from your carpet. 

Hot water extraction combined with spot cleaning and enzyme treatment can address all types of problems with your carpet and area rugs like: 

  • Deep stains
  • Pet stains and odors
  • Dirt and grime
  • Oils
  • Organic odors and stains like milk, vomit, and pet urine
  • Allergens like pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and mites

Our equipment and hypoallergenic cleaners can remove not just the dirt you can see but the allergens you can’t. Get your carpet cleaner than ever and enjoy softer, brighter, and fresher carpet today. If it’s been more than 6 months since you had your carpets cleaned professionally, give us a call to schedule service today. 

How Carpet Cleaning Works


Can you remove pet odors?

This is a very common problem in Los Angeles and we have a high success rate at removing moderate pet odor problems. We can’t guarantee extreme pet odors and damage can be removed if urine has soaked the carpet padding and subfloor. This can be the case if a pet has gone on the same spot repeatedly for a long time. We do use a special enzyme that breaks down pet urine and the bacteria that causes odors. For most pet stains and odors, our carpet cleaning is extremely effective.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

This is a common concern as living with a damp carpet can be difficult, especially if you have pets or small children. After professional hot water extraction, your carpets can take an average of 6 to 12 hours to dry. Following dry cleaning, your carpets will take 2 to 4 hours to dry. The good news is there are ways to speed up this process. Once one floor has been cleaned, we can place commercial-grade floor fans to dry out your carpet in as little as 20 minutes. These are the same fans used to remove moisture after flooding. While the fans are working, we can move on to the next room. While carpet is damp, you can walk on it with socks or bare feet but do not allow pets back into the room until the carpet is dry. 

Are your cleaning methods safe?

Absolutely. When you choose carpet shampoo Los Angeles service, our equipment removes virtually all of the detergent from your carpet to leave almost no residue behind. If you have health concerns like asthma or allergies, we use only hypoallergenic and nontoxic products for your safety. 

What is the difference between steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning?

Absolutely. When you choose carpet shampoo Los Angeles service, our equipment removes virtually all of the detergent from your carpet to leave almost no residue behind. If you have health concerns like asthma or allergies, we use only hypoallergenic and nontoxic products for your safety. 

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